Monday, October 4, 2010

Crazy Weather

Last week at this time it was 113* here with 50% humidity, and the dogs were just klunked-out all day.
Today it's 64* and raining. The dogs have been chasing each other all over the house, obviously enjoying the cool weather.


  1. I'm glad you caught a break & snagged that cool air. Enjoy!

  2. Yeah, I have some yard work planned, and last week it was too hot, and now it's raining!
    At least I was able to get a bunch of PC repair done for "clients" last week, so I didn't mind being inside.
    This week I'm building a radio kit I bought about a year ago, and had stashed under the workbench.

  3. The weather will make a sane man crazy.

  4. Yeah, currently in Japan, they are complaining because of the heat, it's supposed to be Fall, and cooling off...


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