Monday, October 12, 2009

Governator Signs Ammo Bill!

Stock up now, if you can!
I just ordered some more from Cabela's and Midway. Cabela's has stated they'll no longer sell to Kaliforniastan, but Midway hasn't made any statement I'm aware of.
Since this POS "legislation" doesn't take effect until July 2010, I'll be ordering more over the next 8 months.
I pretty much buy my practice ammo at the range (if they have it) as it helps support them.
I'll see what they have in stock later today when I stop in today to pick up my Remington 1100 TAC4.
Yep, "mini" Range Report will be coming!


  1. Posted the same on my blog. This state is pretty much a write off as the progressives continue to experiment. Years of steroids have left our governor ball less. And with a choice of whitman or brown in our future, we're screwed. Welcome to the revolution.

  2. I agree, it's pretty freakin' dismal here.
    I can just imagine another term of Governor Moonbeam.....GROAN!

  3. It will get overturned, I have to be optimistic...

  4. I do miss the foothills of Sacramento where I lived when I was a newlywed some 20 years ago. But I would not go back. Friends there are calling me, frantic, trying to find ammo to have on hand. They live not close but close enough to where the riots were once and see having to defend yet again.


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