Sunday, October 4, 2009

First Aid Training

In all of our talk and blogging about being "independent", I see lots of writing about things like food storage, weapons training and storage, how to dig your own latrine, grow your own food, and keep the lights on, but I don't see much advice on getting some PROPER First Aid training.
This subject came up as I was yakking with one of my Ham Radio buddies, who was relating to me the story of his wife's recent medical emergency, and how he was glad he'd taken some basic First Aid training as part of his Amateur Radio Emergency Communications training.
I've had a ton of training provided by my current (for now!) employer. Basic, Advanced, First Responder, CPR, Emergency Defibrillator, Blood Borne Pathogens, and numerous other courses, including basic firefighting. Being on a ship with 240 other people, thousands of miles from nowhere, is a really good reason to have every crew member "ready for action"!
While it's important to know the other things we usually blog-on about, please take the time to find some First Aid training in your area. You just might save the life of a loved one, or critical crew member.
The American Red Cross is a good place to start, and they offer both local classes, and online training.


  1. Good point drjim- VERY good point! And yes, Red Cross is a good starting place. Also Boy Scout Manuals have a lot of 1st aid in them.

  2. I'm kinda of the opinion that taking a shootin' class is good, and taking a shiootin' first-aid class is real good. There are a few places that teach weapons first-aid like LMS Defense.

  3. An insightful post on Every Blade of Grass
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