Sunday, September 27, 2009


Man, I'm REALLY getting tired of these people calling me. Thank God for caller ID! The last time I talked to them, I told them I was NOT giving any more money to the Republican National Committee until they changed their policies.
When I see them getting back to more conservative values, I *might* give them another donation. In the meantime, I'll spread what little "wealth" I have to individual candidates that I feel are closer to my values than The Party Line. I like Chuck DeVore and wish there were more like him.
Less big government
Recognition of individual RIGHTS
Elimination of unnecessary, wasteful programs
Tax reductions
A strong national defense policy
Supreme Court candidates that support The Constitution
For that matter, we also need elected representatives that support AND FOLLOW our Constitution!
I'm sure there's more I could list, but I think you get my drift....


  1. I hear you and agree 100%. I am out of the Republican party for the same reasons you stated. The last year I was in that party all I got was a lousy picture of the Bush family at Christmas.

  2. Don't know if my previous comment was accepted. Thanks for your recent visit to Obama Cartoons I just added you to blogroll there and also to my primary site TOTUS. Thanks for linking to Obama Cartoons.

  3. You might have tried to enter your comment when I had the post open for editing.
    I really should type this stuff up in wordpad or something similar, rather than doing it "live", and editing the post.
    thanks for the cross-linking!

  4. In California in particular the Republican party seems irrelevant, uncoordinated, and absent any proactive solutions to the Obama Machine - in comparison, it's a stack of Legos.


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