Friday, January 30, 2015

"Curator's Tour" Video of the Battleship Iowa

Found this on YouTube while I was searching for something else, and thought I'd repost it here. This is an abbreviated video tour of the one I took a few months ago, and it's worth the 9 minutes of your time.

Hang on, I'm still sorting through the pix of the Superstructure Tour, and I'll get those posted later today.

All of the tour guides and other people you'll see wearing Iowa shirst in the video are people I work with on the ship, and a nicer bunch of men and women would be harder to find. We're all there because we appreciate having this grand ship available to us and the public, and we treat her like the fine ship she is.


  1. Simply outstanding. I'd love to do that tour, one day.

    1. If you ever make it down here to La-La Land it will be arranged!


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