Monday, November 29, 2010

And Don't Call Me Shirley!

Well, he'll always be Commander J.J. Adams of United Planets Cruise C-57D to me, but to many other people he was Frank Drebin of Police Squad, or Dr. Alan Rumack of Airplane!
Whatever role he played, Leslie Nielsen was a good actor, and will always be remembered.
He passed away yesterday from complications due to pneumonia.
RIP, Commander Adams.


  1. RIP Lesley, you done good! You gave us hours of escape!

  2. He certainly brought the funny. He was sooo good at deadpan delivery.

  3. People my age remember him as Francis "The Swamp Fox"Marion

  4. Yeah, I read that in his bio, and I watched that show when it was on, but never associated Leslie Nielsen with that role.
    I still remember the theme song. My sister and I used to sing it!


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