Monday, June 21, 2010

Awwwww.....RATS! One O' THEM daze....

Woke up today and when I started this PC it gave me an unending string of errors as it booted up. Tried to repair the file system by booting a Live-CD, unmounting the disks, and running fsck on them, but no dice...the main disk was hammered with corrupted files. Spent the morning installing a new hard disk and reinstalling OpenSUSE 11.2. Probably take me the rest of the week to get it tweaked back to how I like it.
Then I went out to fill my new gas can for my generator, and the first place I stopped at wouldn't let me! "Sorry, we don't allow gas cans to be filled here". DUH! Well, I'll never fill my Jeep up there again, either! The next two places had some newer type of Kaliforniastan-approved anti-smog pump nozzle, and I couldn't get either one of them to seal well enough to the little 2-gallon gas can to put any fuel in it! I finally gave up and came home. I think I'll just siphon a couple of gallons out of the Jeep to fill it with.
Ran the generator with a 1200 Watt load on it until it ran out of gas, and then changed the oil in it. As I was pouring the new oil in, the puppy came out and stuck her nose right in the drained oil!
Ever try and get used motor oil off your dog's snout? Yeah, I didn't think so. At least she didn't step in it and then run back in the house. I could just imagine my wife's expression if she came home and saw little oily puppy paw prints through the house. Yeah, that would have gone over *real* well.
I just home Tuesday is a "better" day, although I have to admit the things I'm griping about are really pretty trivial compared to all the other $h1t that's going on in the world.........


  1. I hear you.I was having a good day.......then I woke up.

  2. Some days it's just not worth gnawing through the straps.

  3. My run of "good luck" finally broke this afternoon. This morning I did some final updates on a PC I rebuilt for my best college buddy, and then the damn thing would restart. Had to manually clear the BIOS out to get it going again. I replaced the battery while I was in there just to be sure. Got that one finished and packed for shipment and went to AutoZone and bought a siphon. Filled my little gas can, and restarted the generator. Made a couple of short coax jumpers to connect the satellite antennas to the preamps, and they tested perfect. About half the loss (~2dB) of the old ratty cables I'd been using. Should make the receive better, as the lower loss will give me a lower Noise Figure which means my Signal-to-Noise ratio will improve. Went to my mailbox, and all the stuff I had on order came in.
    Much "better" today than yesterday, except for this morning's PC fiasco!

  4. Glad 'something' is going right for ya! :-) That gas station must not want business, to turn somebody away...


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